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Ownership of and investment in real property is wrought with potential pitfalls that can cost time and money. Drawing on our deep understanding of the competitive pressures of today’s market, the real estate lawyers at O'Rourke provide clients a complete service offering for their real estate acquisition, operation, leasing, financing and development needs.

Our attorneys have wide-ranging skill and experience in advising clients in all aspects of real estate. On the transactional side, we represent individuals and entities in a variety of commercial and residential matters. We advise clients and draft documentation incident to sales, acquisitions and leasing transactions.  With respect to real estate litigation, our extensive experience with business litigation and court proceedings coupled with our knowledge of real estate law, title issues, bankruptcy and foreclosure proceedings allows us to efficiently and effectively advise our clients from a global perspective.

Our real estate and tax attorneys work closely together to structure tax-advantaged dispositions and restructure ownership entities. We understand and have significant depth with respect to all types of tax-deferred exchanges, including reverse exchanges, new construction transactions, partnership transactions and tenant-in-common structures that accompany many replacement property transactions.

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