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Reps For New Waukegan Casino Excited About Opening And What’s To Come

The Temporary by American Place has been a hit with patrons and that should only amplify once the casino opens all its amenities.

The Waukegan based casino is the short-term placeholder for the permanent venue expected to open in 2025. Despite it being a temporary Illinois casino, guests flooded The Temporary’s floor when it opened its doors on Feb. 17.

In a press release from Full House Resorts, president and CEO Daniel R. Lee said The Temporary welcomed north of 40,000 guests in the first 12 days of operation. American Place marketing manager Julie Ivic told PlayIllinois this was an exciting time for the casino:

“When we opened our doors, our CEO let us know there was a line of cars on the interstate. It wasn’t just trying to get in here and trying to get in through the doors, it was literally on the roads. So that was a really nice message.”

Supervisor for player services Shawn Holcomb said it was a two hour wait just to step foot in The Temporary.

Newest Illinois Casino Is Just Getting Started Say Reps For The Temporary (


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