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Individuals and businesses can suffer great financial harm from errors made in accounting or legal malpractice.

Legal Malpractice

We have extensive experience prosecuting the rights of victims of legal malpractice. Our lawyers know how to handle the following types of cases:

  • Conflicts of interest such as representing two parties in the same case

  • Ethics violations such as disclosing facts about your case to a third party

  • Incompetent legal representation such as conducting an insufficient investigation

  • Missed deadlines such as failing to file court documents on time

  • Intentional wrongdoing


These mistakes can harm your case and result in loss of damages or your case being thrown out or never heard by a judge. Losing money or your case due to an ineffective or negligent attorney can be frustrating. We can help you recover and make sure you finally get the respect and justice you deserve. The bottom line: We hold attorneys accountable.

Accounting Malpractice

Accountants provide a wide range of finance-based advice and services including auditing, bookkeeping, and tax preparation. There are basically two kinds of accounting: financial and managerial. Financial accounting involves preparing financial statements that businesses use to show their financial performance to outside people such as investors, creditors, and customers.

Managerial accounting involves identifying, analyzing and presenting financial information internally to a business or individual for the purposes of planning and decision making.

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