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Whether structuring commercial loans for operations, working capital, recapitalization, refinancing or an acquisition, our attorneys have successfully handled many complex deals involving millions of dollars.

We provide advise and consultation on a variety of issues that affect business owners. Whether it be working capital, helping refinance, or general maintenance of corporate books and records, we become a partner with our business clients and strive to help them get the most out of complex dealings. We draft and negotiate a multitude of operational documents including shareholder agreements, non-complete agreements, transactional documents, operating agreements, as well as sales and purchase agreements. We frequently represent clients and consult on due diligence matters. We assess risk and other potential impacts that can become relevant in the due diligence phase. These are some of the areas our team is equipped to assist with: bank lending, commercial finance, healthcare, project finance, corporate trust, public finance, and more. 

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