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O’Rourke's attorneys represent creditors, supporting their rights against defaulted lessees, borrowers and other parties.

O’Rourke attorneys have extensive experience in all aspects of representing Debtors and Creditors in the complex arena of insolvency law. Our bankruptcy and restructuring practice provides assistance to clients seeking creative, effective and cost efficient solutions for dealing with difficult financial situations both inside and outside of the bankruptcy process.

Our attorneys have successfully represented clients in bankruptcy cases, state court insolvency proceedings, out of court restructurings and settlements, including all types of insolvency-related litigation.  Our seasoned attorneys understand the unique, competing pursuits of creditors, debtors and the trustee to a bankruptcy, and can competently assist our clients in recognizing these distinct interests in a reorganization or restructuring, while avoiding hefty legal fees. This cost effective approach ensures that the best possible results can be achieved for each individual situation and client. We consider our flexibility, efficiency, and passion to be pillars of our work. 

More specifically, when O’Rourke attorneys deal with breach-of-contract actions, we frequently secure prejudgment collection remedies ensuring clients can reclaim and liquidate leased equipment and collateral as seamlessly as possible. We methodically pursue collection of monetary damages combined with the retrieval of various machinery and vehicles, as well as other types of collateral and leased equipment. In addition, our attorneys represent large commercial mortgage holders in restructures, refinancings, foreclosure litigation and bankruptcy matters. Moreover, our efficient lending and leasing groups assist in documenting the sale or re-leasing of retrieved leased equipment and collateral. Our attorneys also work with an assortment of unsecured collection cases, including collection of employee benefit plan contributions within ERISA and collective bargaining agreements.

O’Rourke also has extensive experience in collection matters relating to prejudgment replevin applications, judgments, settlements and restructures throughout the nation. Additionally, our attorneys frequently negotiate agreements between clients and defaulted borrowers and lessees within the beginning stages of filing a lawsuit. These agreements usually include consent judgment and possession order provisions that are set in motion upon a default of a restructured obligation, which allow our creditor clients to explore voluntary repayment of a debt while reducing risks in the event of a further default by the borrower or lessee. Every service we offer is individually tailored for our client’s success in a timely and cost-efficient manner. 



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